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Nagarjuna Educational Society is functioning excellently in educational field. I started Nagarjuna Educational Society in 1991 with the mission of providing highest quality education to downtrodden, needy and poor students. I am very happy that this society is achieving its mission.

Today, under the aegis of NES, we have different wings of education in different fields. Now, society is comprised of five institutions. I started Sankar Reddy Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, keeping in views the future demands of society and industry to face the challenges of science and technology revolution. As we have entered in a Globalized world, we should be prepared to take the competition. The college is dynamic in every sense. I am delighted to know that this institute has established its reputation as one of the best Pharmacy colleges under JNTU Kakinada.

To meet the demands of industry, research abilities should be inculcated in students. I aim to make this college an excellent research centre in near future. I foresee a bright future of this college.

My best wishes for your career.


Pharmacy Education : Preparing The Servant Leaders Of Tomorrow
Sankar reddy institute of pharmaceutical sciences exists to advance human health and quality of life by imparting value based updated pharmacy education and spiritualism so as to develop professionally competent and socially obliged pharmacists with highest nobility & self respect.


Giving highest priority on personal, professional, social and spiritual development of the student, which will nature highest nobility & self respect in them. Creating educational experiences in Pharmacy, which will support our students and prepare them to face ever coming challenges in research and practice environment, Bolstering an infrastructure that fosters continuous quality education and ongoing career development.Seeking Industry Institute Interactions to advance learning science and practice.

About Pharmacy:

Pharmacy as an academic discipline provides exemplary education in a stimulating environment where delivery of pharmaceutical knowledge is integrated with multidisciplinary, multifaceted curriculum and cutting-edge research in the discovery, development, utilization and evaluation of therapeutic agents.
The Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) curriculum in India aims towards preparing competent pharmacists equipped with knowledge in areas of manufacturing, production, formulation, marketing and research. The duration of the B Pharm. program is four years – divided into 8 semesters.

Professional carrier:

  1. Jobs in Pharmaceutical Industry/ Clinical research organizations/ Biotech companies – B Pharm graduate would get a chance to work in the departments like Production, Formulation, Quality Control and Assurance, R&D etc
  2. Marketing jobs – B Pharm graduate with an instinctive ability to communicate effectively, marketing is a very good option. Sales are an integral part of pharmaceutical companies and will have plenty of opportunities.
  3. Pharmacist in hospitals – The pharmacists have significant role in the healthcare system and have opportunities in both private and government hospitals.
  4. As an entrepreneur, graduates are qualified to start Retail/Wholesale Pharmacy business.
  5. Academics – B.Pharm. graduates are qualified to teach D.Pharm. Down the years would need a master’s degree, PhD etc. to strengthen their career

Why B.Pharm at Sankar Reddy Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

The quality education and industry oriented approach makes Sankar Reddy Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences as the most preferred B. Pharm. college in Andhra Pradesh.

  1. We produce competent pharmacist equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills
  2. More than 12 yearsof educating experience in B.Pharm. course.
  3. Institution facilitated refining of the curriculum to meet the current industry needs with the joint exercise of industry and academia experts.
  4. Innovative teaching practices by highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  5. Regular practice school projects to inculcate research aptitude
  6. Overall personality development – communication, computational skills etc
  7. Real Time Industrial Training and frequent industrial visits
  8. Strong institute-industry collaborations for training and placement activities
  9. Campus Recruitment Training to prepare students for placements

Program Outcomes:

  1. To equip with the professional skills and to opt for Higher Education
  2. To expertise in Designing, Manufacturing quality Pharmaceutical Dosage forms.
  3. To involve in Marketing operations.
  4. To establish and maintain Community Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industry.
  5. To work as Clinical Research Assts. in CROs and Pharmacovigilance Programmes
  6. To work as Pharmacist in Govt/Corporate Hospitals
  7. To be part of Drug Regulatory Affairs and Drugs Control Administration



About Pharmaceutics Specialization

Pharmaceutics deals with the design and development of dosage forms for a drug and methodologies to deliver the drug to the desired site of action in the body. This specialization uniquely prepares students for entry into the pharmaceutical industry and admission to PhD program in Pharmaceutical Sciences and other related fields. Graduates of the program are highly sought after by the pharmaceutical industry to support research, development and manufacturing operations.

  1. More than Eight years of educating experience
  2. The institution facilitated refining of the curriculum to meet the current industry needs with the joint exercise of industry and academia experts.
  3. Faculty are part of interdisciplinary teams and make key scientific contributions critical to the Formulation, Research and Development of new drugs and therapies..
  4. We are nurturing students with Pharmaceutical knowledge to take on research involving the key elements; analysis, creation, and application of dosage forms.
  5. We ensure our students to acquire understanding and formulation of novel drug delivery systems

Career Opportunities:

  1. Doctoral programmes
  2. Pre-Formulation Scientist.
  3. Production Manager
  4. Formulation R & D Scientist
  5. Academics
  6. Doctoral programmes
  7. Pre-Formulation Scientist
  8. Production Manager
  9. Formulation R & D Scientist

About Pharmaceutical Analysis Specialization

Pharmaceutical Analysis is a scientific discipline used to study the chemical composition, structure and behavior of matter. The purpose of chemical analysis is to gather and interpret chemical information. It involves application of a range of techniques and methodologies to obtain and assess qualitative, quantitative and structural information on the nature of matter. It plays a major role in safeguarding health of patients and keeping company afloat on the scale of profits and building the reputation of the company. The analytical techniques are emerged based on the physico-chemical properties of the drug substance and based on the property being measured for its qualitative and quantitative assessment. Graduates of the program are highly sought after in every sector of health care industry.

Top reasons to choose SRPS

From lab facilities to placements, there are reasons to study Pharmaceutical Analysis at SVCP:

  1. The autonomous status of the institution facilitated refining of the curriculum to meet the current industry needs with the joint exercise of industry and academia experts
  2. Highly qualified and experienced faculty from academics and industry.
  3. Successful track record of research grants more than 50 Lakh rupees
  4. High impact and peer reviewed publications – more than 80 in National and International journals
  5. Hands on Training in sophisticated research lab facilities
  6. Practicing best learning strategies with number of brainstorming case study discussions with visiting industry experts
  7. Track record of 100% placements

Career Opportunities

  1. Doctoral programmes
  2. Executive – Analytical – R & D
  3. Executive – Quality Assurance
  4. Executive – Quality Control
  5. ISO Lead Auditor
  6. Executive – IPR
  7. Academics


Best Pracctices

We at SRPS are strong team of highly qualified and trained research faculty continuously striving to impart quality education along with research aptitude to all of our students starting from B.Pharm. Program.

We attain this by way of initiating and exposing students to Practice School and projects at B.Pharm. III year. – We regularly conduct journal clubs, guest lectures and workshops to M.Pharm. Students and Research Scholars by expert scientists from academia and industry.

We strongly support and guide students and scholars to participate and present their work in various national and international conferences to get exposure in ever-changing and advancing fields of pharmaceutical sciences


Phone No: 98480 55320

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